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masteradd color to outputKlara Modin12 days
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12 daysadd color to outputHEADmasterKlara Modin
2022-04-26fix bad inclusion of libgcc_s when on multilibKlara Modin
2022-04-26include /etc/* and new location for libgcc_sKlara Modin
2022-04-24add READMEKlara Modin
2022-04-24improve overlay logicKlara Modin
2022-04-14cosmetic change: overlay -> rootKlara Modin
2022-04-14fix missing /mnt/ prefixKlara Modin
2022-04-14change {a,b} to a bKlara Modin
2022-04-14fix local outside functionKlara Modin
2022-04-14typo: else if -> elifKlara Modin